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Anthropomorphic Thoughts: The Third Album by The Hartman Band

The Hartman Band's long-awaited third album, Anthropomorphic Thoughts, was released in late 1997 from JLK Records. The 60-minute cassette features 17 songs and is the Hartman Band in their most rocking form ever. This album was recorded on December 27, 1995 at Kellyís House and was mastered on November 18, 1996 at JLK Studios. The song selection is a varied mixture of originals and covers; as in previous recordings, most of the original songs are conceived on the spot and none of the lyrics were written down beforehand.

The track listing for the album is as follows:
SIDE ONE (29:49) SIDE TWO (26:55)
(1) Weíre the Hartman Band (Cominí to Your Town)
(2) Big Boy, Dolly & Nugget / Frosted Strawberry Pop Tart
(3) Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
(4) Stateland
(5) The Bluegrass Parkway (Sure is Boring)
(6) Mamma Donít Allow
(7) Old Man Jake
(8) Future 40ís (String of Pearls)
(9) 23
(10) I Believe in Grapes
(11) Blue Moon of Kentucky
(12) A Tender Love Ballad Rudely Interrupted By An Incoming Telephone Call
(13) Thatíll Be the Day
(14) Big Red Santa Claus Hat
(15) That Crazy Mixed-Up Kid (The Ballad of Carla Gover)
(16) Appalachian Voodoo
(17) Sign-Off

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